An Unconventional Event from the Cloud

Our 16th annual fundraiser will be different this year—a cloud event that can be attended and enjoyed from the comfort of each guest’s own home. We predict attendance will be sky high!

Cloud Event \ klowd’ e vent’\
Noun, sing.

1. bringing virtual focus to a cause, forgoing the expenses of a physical event
2. directly benefiting children with cancer and other life‐limiting illnesses
3. offering an online auction, trivia and more, for enjoyment in the comfort of your own home

Get ready to take a deeper dive into the joy of art and its effect on the children we serve. Brush up on your bidding strategies for our exciting auction and drawings. Enjoy intriguing ideas for cocktails, mocktails and little bites to savor as you watch, bid, and play.

You can skip the fancy clothes and uncomfortable shoes. We’ll take the funds we would have spent on a party, and bring more art to more kids, instead.  Win, win!

We’ll be in touch with full details soon!

P.S. It’s National Jelly Bean Day on Saturday, April 22 so don’t be surprised to see some jelly bean themed activities!

P.P.S. If you’d like to join our mission of bringing the arts to children with cancer and other serious illnesses, a patronship at Breanna’s Star 2023 may be just the ticket. 2023 Breanna’s Star Patronship Form

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