Breanna’s Star, A Time for Art, Celebration and Giving, was born in April of 2009. The idea was to hold a casual gathering to help support Breanna’s Gift programs and include creative elements that illuminate the joy children experience in making art.

Each year has been an adventure, and Breanna’s Star has evolved from a backyard gathering to an evening fundraising event with live music, live and silent auctions, hands-on art projects and more. Our event went virtual as event centers closed and we all sheltered in place during the pandemic, and in 2022 were thrilled to connect with everyone in person at Brookview Golden Valley. Then we took a new turn, hosting a cloud event that guests could enjoy from the comfort of their homes.

Breanna’s Star | April 18-22, 2024


Breanna’s Gift Story & Mission

Breanna&Marsha_cropMy name is Marsha Ovitz and Breanna was my granddaughter. She was bright, determined and full of fun. She loved to chitty chat about stuff, she loved to learn, she loved to play dress up, and she loved to suck her thumb. She loved to boss her brothers around, she loved shoes, she loved pink and she loved to dance. When Breanna was 3, she was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor and she spent the last year of her life in the hospital. Breanna would go to the playroom to draw and listen to music. Each time, one item in particular was her most treasured find. It was a pair of tap shoes that she would put on and dance around the room. When it was time to leave the playroom, the shoes could not go with her and that was a time of much sadness and many tears. The idea for Breanna’s Gift came from this experience; we don’t want children to have to leave the shoes behind.

Breanna’s Gift is an arts program offering dance, visual art, music and performing arts experiences and workshops for children with cancer and other serious illnesses. All children in our dance classes receive their own pair of tap shoes and costumes for class and to take with them. Our programs are free to all participants and to the facilities that we serve.

Breanna gave us her love and her joy and we are hoping to do the same by putting smiles on sad faces. If you like the idea of helping very sick children escape through the magic of the arts, perhaps you will consider some of the many ways you can support our program.

Breanna’s Gift was established as a non-profit organization in 2008. The Breanna’s Gift program is consistent with the requirements established by medical professionals overseeing each child’s care. Our Mission is bringing smiles to the faces of children with cancer and other serious illnesses through the magic of the arts. 


Thank you for supporting Breanna’s Gift!

An arts program for children with cancer & other serious illnesses

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