We have been privileged to receive support from individuals and organizations through patronships of our annual Breanna’s Star event.  You make it possible for us to bring smiles to the faces of children through the magic of the arts and we are so grateful.

If you’d like to join our mission of bringing the arts to children with cancer and other serious illnesses, a patronship at Breanna’s Star 2023 may be just the ticket.

2023 Breanna’s Star Patronship Form

For more information, please contact Heather Christopherson

2023 Sun Patrons, $5,000

Room & Board

Gardner Builders

Fallin Family Foundation

Parsons Electric

2023 Moon Patrons, $1,000

Tim & Jan Dufault

Keith & Cynthia Gustafson

Rick & Tamra Anderson

Susan Eckstrom


Gayle Becker

2023 Comet Patron, $500

Sever Construction

2023 Constellation Patrons, $250

Tamara Simon

Libby Lincoln & Brad Fuller

DC Etling LLC

Thank you for your time & talent

Susan Bonne ~  Beth Chaplin ~  Chris Chuzles ~ Kim Gordon ~ Lori Greene ~ Marge Meyer Associates LLC ~  Sheba Concept & Design


Thank you for supporting Breanna’s Gift!

An arts program for children with cancer & other serious illnesses

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